High-speed virtual servers with 100% flash storage

NOTE: The Hyperscale service will be retired as of August 21, 2018. Beginning on this date, Hyperscale Servers will no longer be available. Additionally, no new Hyperscale instances may be purchased as of August 21, 2018.

Hyperscale servers for fast databases.

Accelerate Distributed Databases

Databases are disk-intensive applications. The Flash storage of our Hyperscale servers means you can expect at least 15,000 IOPS to turbo-charge your Cassandra, Mongo, Redis, or other database.

Hyperscale Cloud Servers scale easily to meet application demands.

Scale Automatically

Autoscale policies allow you to pre-configure automatic expansion to ensure peak performance during high usage. Hyperscale servers support Horizontal Autoscale (additional servers or scaling in/out) and Vertical Autoscale (additional CPU/RAM or scaling up/down).

Hyperscale Servers can save you money.

Maximize Your Budget

Minimize IT costs by automating and coordinating maintenance activities with scheduled tasks for your Hyperscale servers, turning off developer machines over the weekend, or automatically deleting or archiving servers at the end of a project.

Hyperscale Flash Storage for highest IOPS.

Achieve High Availability

Hyperscale's anti-affinity policies make it possible to build and balance additional workloads on separate physical hosts to achieve high availability.

Hyperscale Server Features

Beständige 100 % Flash-Speicher

  • High performance SSD local storage
  • Disk size up to 1 terabyte total per server
  • Minimum of 15,000 IOPS, with maximum IOPS spiking much higher

Usage Spike Alerts

  • Resource monitoring included
  • Create CPU, memory or storage alert policies
  • Be alerted by email, webhook, or in Control Panel

Custom Server Sizes

  • Compute up to 16 CPUs
  • Memory up to 128GB
  • Storage up to 1TB

Leverage Cloud Automation

  • Schedule tasks
  • Monitor usage
  • Set Autoscale properties


Databases are perfect for Hyperscale cloud servers

Application Databases

Whether your application is running a document store (i.e. NoSQL) or a relational SQL database, you want a highly-performant server. Hyperscale instances are ideal for Cassandra, Couchbase, Redis, SQL Server, Riak, MongoDB, MySQL, CouchDB, and more.

Hyperscale high IOPs for big data

Big Data Workloads

When ingesting large amounts of data, it's important you're able to store and access it efficiently. Hyperscale is well-suited for Big Data because of its 100% Flash storage and high IOPS. Hyperscale servers are a good choice for Hadoop and MapReduce jobs.

“CenturyLink Hyperscale provided the fastest disk read performance by a notable margin.” — Independent Report by Cloud Harmony

Reference Architecture

View our reference architecture guide for building highly available and scalable web applications using CentyuryLink cloud servers.

Web App Hosting Best Practices

Deploying a Database?

CenturyLink's Relational Database service – Relational DB – makes it easy to deploy a MySQL-compatible database on our cloud.

Launch a Relational Database

A free trial with up to 500 USD in usage

  • Up to 500 USD in usage of self-service products and services.**
  • Access to a wide range of CenturyLink Cloud standard services.
  • Hohe Leistungsfähigkeit, schnelle Bereitstellungszeiten und intuitive Verwaltungsfunktionen, die Ihr Unternehmen voran bringen.
** 500 USD trial credit excludes Cloud Application Manager, Dedicated Cloud Compute, CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation and Managed Disaster Recovery Service. Limit one trial account per customer. Trial credits expire after 90 days. A valid credit card is required to activate your trial account. Refer to our CenturyLink Cloud Agreement , Supplemental Terms and Acceptable Use Policy for other terms and conditions.

*Zur Verifizierung Ihres Kontos senden wir Ihnen eine SMS, es fallen die üblichen Gebühren an.

Ressource Pro Std. Pro Monat
Virtuelle CPU für Hyperscale

2 Ghz+ Prozessor (bis zu 16 CPU)

9 USD 648 USD
Virtueller RAM für Hyperscale

1GB (up to 128GB)

135 USD 972 USD
Block-Storage für Hyperscale

Persistentes Hochleistungs-Storage SSD-basiertes Storage mit anhaltenden Raten von 15.000 IOPS Preis pro GB

403 USD 29 USD

Berechnung der Ressourcen pro Stunde, monatlicher Schätzwert auf Basis von 720 Stunden. Nicht inbegriffen: Betriebssystem/Softwarelizensierung

Optional Services Pro Std. Pro Monat

Berechnung der Ressourcen pro Stunde, monatlicher Schätzwert auf Basis von 720 Stunden. Nicht inbegriffen: Betriebssystem/Softwarelizensierung

Verwandte Produkte

Relationale DB Service

Instant access to a high performance, enterprise-hardened MySQL-compatible instance built on our platform with 100% flash storage.

Managed Services

Für Wartung und Verwaltung Ihrer Cloud-Bereitstellungen steht jederzeit Fachpersonal zur Verfügung. Schnelles Bereitstellen, stundengenaue Abrechnung und hochgradige Automatisierung.


Unternehmensgerechte Cloud-Server, bereit für Legacy- und Greenfield Business Apps

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