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SafeHaven-5 Linux Onboarding Release Notes

Updated by Shi Jin on Aug 15, 2018
Article Code: kb/1147

Notes on SafeHaven Cluster Version

Please note that all releases mentioned in this page works with a SafeHaven-5 cluster but with proper setup, it is also possible to work with Linux protection groups created in a SafeHaven version 3 or 4 cluster.

v1.7.0, released on August 15, 2019

MD5SUM: 707813eb2425bdce89506c3e4c160c95

  • New support to Ubuntu-18.04
  • Support newer kernel versions of Ubuntu-14.04
  • A few other minor enhancements/fixes

v1.6.1, released on August 21, 2018

MD5SUM: eb7854c05dca3c2dcb19840c211878d4

Note that this is a first release of the Linux onboarding scripts that supports AWS and Azure.