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Click-to-Call service

Apex Call Me is a Click-to-Call service that enables web marketers to convert more web visitors into customers. This is especially important with the popularity of small screen devices like tablets and cellphones which make it hard for visitor to navigate a website. Almost 70% of visitors will leave a website in less than 60 seconds if they cannot find what they want. Call Me provides the website visitor with a hot button to get connect a Live Human quickly, instead of leaving frustrated. Web Marketers may create one or more web Call Me buttons for different sales, support and other teams at no extra cost. Web site visitors can simply enter their cell phone, home or work number and the Apex Call Me service will initiate the phone call between the between the site visitor and the appropriate team.

Apex Call Me works with any business phone system that has a US or Canadian phone number. As an example, Call Me can be combined with CenturyLink Hosted VOIP or Managed Office service. In addition, business's looking to support remote sales agents, or for extended capabilities such as call recording or even full IP PBX services can extend Call Me with Voiceplex (Vplex seat licenses).

Apex Call Me is tightly integrated with CenturyLink SIP services to deliver the first and only truly direct to carrier click-to-call service. This means that Call Me is engineered to deliver the highest grade call quality while enabling the customer to take advantage of their bundled discounts across all their other services with CenturyLink. Apex Call Me eliminates the IT complexity of deployment and the capital cost associated with alternate solutions. The Free Basic Seat trial capability allows companies to go from start-to-test in as little as 30 minutes. The service is geared towards any business that values its web traffic to improve customer experience and drive sales.


Run Anywhere

Call Me can plugin to virtually any website. Just a snippet of code needs to be added to a web page, most web developers can do it in less than 30 minutes. Call Me works with any business phone line or phone system and does not require the customer to make any change to their phone system.

Direct To Carrier Voice Quality

Call Me is integrated with CenturyLink's Voice SIP service, making it the only direct-to-carrier integrated calling solution in the market. This ensures the shortest possible distance on the call path. This, along with a few other engineered features ensures the highest possible call quality.

Marketing Analytics

CRM integration is transparent since marketers can define inbound and outbound Caller ID rules for all parts of the Call Me phone call. In addition, marketers have up to 12 months of call data available, useful for analytics and engagement metrics.


Additional features can be enabled via Voiceplex seat licenses. These include:

1. Call Recording
2. Remote Work Force Support
3. Independent IP PBX capability

Global Customers

Reaching a global audience on the Internet is easy. However, visitors coming from outside the US and Canada may still want to reach someone directly by phone to get their questions answered before completing a purchase. While International long-distance rates are relatively inexpensive for most countries - making International calls is confusing and cumbersome. Call Me offers International visitor detection to ensure your visitors can connect with ease.

It’s A Service

Improving customer experience, increasing customer engagement, and gaining deeper customer insight through analytics is always top of mind for marketers. And marketers are always under pressure to respond quickly amongst other things to changes to ad platforms and to search engines. Provided as a service, Call Me helps address these needs quickly.



  1. Call Me Express - Basic: 0 USD/month (Free)
  2. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (Up to 50 Seats): 600 USD/month
  3. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (51 to 60 Seats): 770 USD/month
  4. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (61 to 70 Seats): 910 USD/month
  5. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (71 to 80 Seats): 1.050 USD/month
  6. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (81 to 90 Seats): 1.105 USD/month
  7. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (91 to 100 Seats): 1.235 USD/month
  8. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (101 to 120 Seats): 1.320 USD/month
  9. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (121 to 150 Seats): 1.620 USD/month
  10. Call Me Express with Voiceplex (151 to 180 Seats): 1.980 USD/month

Network Voice SIP Service

Network Voice SIP Service is charged separately. Please contact an Apex Datacom account manager if you don't already have a Voice IP Service from CenturyLink or other service provider.


  • The recommended cloud server size (2 CPU / 2GB memory / 100GB disk) is approx: 44,40 USD/month
  • For high-volume call loads, compute and memory resources should be scaled up accordingly


Support for your software purchased via the Marketplace is rendered by the individual Software Provider. The CenturyLink Customer Care Team is unable to provide support for your software. However, if you are experiencing issues with the infrastructure that hosts your software, please open a ticket with help@ctl.io. Below you can find the contact information for support of this software.

CTLcallme@apexdatacom.com or for sales related support please contact sales@apexdatacom.com.

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  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2