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Data Protect Backup   

Data Protect Backup provides clients with options for backing up data in a CenturyLink Data Centre.

Data Protect Backup is a Managed Hosting usage-based service that provides file level backup for data protection.

The service provides multiple levels of protection from backing up locally to disk, digital off-site vaulting to a different CenturyLink Data Centre, and/or long-term vaulting options to tape media. Data Protect Backup can be deployed to support environments in Managed Hosting, Dedicated Cloud and Colocation.

Our solutions include all the infrastructure, technology, processes, management services and expertise needed to eliminate the complexities associated with backup and restore routines.

The service protects client data from mistakes, disasters and everything in between, helping meet data backup compliance requirements with a simple, secure solution. Data Protect Backup also eliminates the expense of purchasing and managing infrastructure, assists in reducing exposure to outages by providing local disk-based restores, and helps meet industry or business regulations with long-term tape archiving.


  • Subscription or usage-based billing allows clients to pay for only what is consumed or subscribe for a lower per unit price.

  • Enterprise grade restores from disk to meet today’s short restoration timeframes.

  • Digital off-site vaulting allows clients to vault their backups to disk at a discrete CenturyLink Data Centre to protect from primary site disaster.

  • Data de-duplication using the latest technology to reduce the overall amount of data being protected and transferred.

  • Data Encryption to keep confidential data protected at all times.


  • Ideal for clients with variable and changeable data protection requirements.

  • Provides access to long term storage via tape for clients with specific retention and compliance requirements.

  • Scalable from gigabytes to terabytes and offers a subscription or usage-based billing model.


  • 97% of all backups started within agreed window.

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