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Dedicated Cloud Compute   

Dedicated Cloud Compute combines a private cloud platform with best of breed technology.

CenturyLink's Dedicated Cloud service combines a private cloud platform with best of breed technology implementations. This powerful combination equips businesses with the tools to rapidly build, control and customize IT environments.

CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud eliminates the capital burden of investing in expensive physical server deployments that often go underutilised. Every component of CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud supports the demands placed on IT infrastructure without the burden of long-term contracts or the lead time of traditional deployments. With Dedicated Cloud, clients are able to deploy compute resources quickly and easily when needed and turn them off when no longer required.

CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud offers enterprises a way to reshape their environments to meet the needs of hybrid IT without sacrificing security and performance.

Clients utilising a dedicated VMware® vCenter server are able to seamlessly replicate workload from on-premise VMware clouds to a Dedicated Cloud Compute infrastructure, and manage failover automation using VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™.

VMware vRealize Operations can be utilised with CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud providing capacity management and workload analysis tool with a vast variety of reports and dashboards.


  • Dedicated, private cloud infrastructure providing secure virtualized hosting.

  • Disaster Recovery options based on VMware’s Site Recovery Manager.

  • Support for dedicated VMware vCenter.

  • On-demand instance and storage provisioning.

  • Full capacity management and customizable monitoring.

  • High availability instance failover with 99.9% SLA.

  • Hardware optimization with dynamic instance balancing.

  • Multi-OS environment.


  • Ideal for clients with external compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA and others that drive a need for physical hardware isolation.

  • Utilised by clients needing to customise their cloud architecture to effectively deploy and manage a Hybrid IT environment.

  • Ideal solution for environments where corporate security policies require dedicated compute servers.

  • Ideal for clients needing to easily connect Dedicated Cloud to a CenturyLink Colocation environment or other managed services.


  • 99.9% availability for multiple nodes in a failover group.
  • 98.5% availability for single node.

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