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Log Management Service   

A managed solution for the collection, alerting and archiving of IT logs.

The Log Management Service provides a robust log collection, alerting and archival solution that is designed to be an important component of an organisation’s risk management strategy, providing clients with a valuable tool to help organisations address applicable compliance requirements.

As a fully-managed service, CenturyLink is responsible for:

  • Provisioning the log collection appliance and working with clients to set up and configure the service.
  • Work with clients to determine the logging rate, (measured in messages per second), and also determine the appropriate size of the service offering to deploy.
  • Provide clients with log source configuration guidelines for supported devices, for later use by device administrators.


  • Provides all of the functionality of an enterprise-class solution, without the significant up-front costs and implementation timelines.

  • Provides secure gathering, transmission and storage of all log data, with 90 days of data available online and 12 months of data available in off-site archives.

  • Robust reporting interface contains many standardized reports, including some tailored to specific industry standards. Customised reporting is also supported.

  • The service supports a wide variety of security and network devices, Operating Systems, and applications.


  • Ideal for clients who may have compliance obligations to retain logs for a given amount of time.

  • Log Management helps to ensure that IT security records are stored in sufficient detail for an appropriate period of time.

  • Routine log reviews and analysis can be beneficial for identifying security incidents, policy violations, fraudulent activity, and operational problems shortly after they have occurred.


Target availability for the Log Management Service is 99.99%, measured on a calendar month basis.

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