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Managed Oracle Database Service   

Managed Oracle Database service hosted in a CenturyLink Data Centre.

The Managed Oracle Database Service consists of the licensing, installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support for the Oracle Database software.

CenturyLink Managed Oracle database services are managed by a team of Oracle certified CenturyLink engineers who are experts in deploying and managing Oracle databases hosted on an infrastructure that can scale easily to meet customer demands.

This robust, global infrastructure is complemented by customer support teams that monitor each Oracle database and proactively notify customers of performance-impacting events.

CenturyLink provides:

  • Procurement and management of Oracle database software licenses (with options for licensing via CenturyLink).
  • Installation of Oracle database software.
  • Configuration of Oracle database instances.
  • Monitoring of Oracle database.
  • Proactive alert notification to customer technical contacts.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for the environment.
  • Backups of Oracle databases.

The following services are available as add-ons to the Managed Oracle database service at an additional charge.

  • Active Standby.
  • Advanced Security Option.
  • Advanced Replication.
  • Database Vault.
  • Diagnostic & Tuning Packs.
  • Partitioning.
  • RAC.
  • Spatial Option.
  • Transparent Data Encryption.
  • VERITAS Hot Backup Agent.
  • Quest SharePlex.


  • CenturyLink’s comprehensive Managed Database Service is available for a predictable fee that significantly lowers total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Managed Database Services offer a reliable, high-performing and secure vehicle for delivering data to end-users and consumers.

  • Services can be hosted on Intelligent Hosting and Dedicated Cloud platforms within CenturyLink Data Centres.

  • Precise, real-time visibility for clients to manage their Oracle database environment easily and effectively via a powerful web-enabled tool.


  • As data volumes grow, CenturyLink’s team of database managers can improve the efficiency of database operations and free client employees to focus elsewhere.

  • As databases become more complex, CenturyLink’s Oracle Database Administrators provide the experience and expertise necessary to deploy and manage managed databases such as that can scale easily to meet the demands of the business.

  • Frees client employees to focus on what’s core to your business rather than toiling away on database builds, backups, file integrity monitoring, user permissions, disk backups and the rest of the lengthy list of database administration tasks.


  • 99.99% availability for 3 or more subscriptions.
  • 99.90% availability for 2 subscriptions.
  • 98.50% availability for a single subscription.

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