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Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)   


The enterprise-grade image storage solution from Docker.

Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) is the enterprise-grade image storage solution from Docker. You install it behind your firewall so that you can securely store and manage the Docker images you use in your applications. You can use DTR as part of your continuous integration, and continuous delivery processes to build, run, and ship your applications. DTR uses the same authentication mechanism as Docker Universal Control Plane. It has a built-in authentication mechanism, and also integrates with LDAP and Active Directory. It also supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC).


Deployment Flexibility

Docker Trusted Registry gives you the flexibility you need to deploy either on-prem or within your virtual private cloud (VPC) environment giving you control over where your Docker images are stored. Manage and distribute your Docker images from within your own firewall, for secure collaboration and data protection. Trusted Registry easily integrates into you existing infrastructure.

Easy to Use and Manage

Great tools are not helpful if they are not easy to use. Trusted Registry gets you started fast with a quick, one-click install and
GUI based system configuration. Additionally, non-disruptive updates make it easy to apply the latest patches and releases,
ensuring a secure and up to date environment. Upgrading to the latest minor, patch, or major release is just a one-button click
within the application. Additionally, admins can monitor system health directly from the web UI.

Secure Access and Content

Trusted Registry allows you to manually control who has access to the Docker images and the kind of access they have. The option
for LDAP/AD integration means users will authenticate directly against your organization's directory services when accessing Trusted Registry. Configure various role-based access levels like admin, user or read-only permissions for your users and groups of users in organizations. Create organizations to group people together in teams and assign permissions to repos. With Docker
Content Trust, admins can sign images once created for added security and to ensure the latest version of an image is being use. Trusted Registry also stores the user audit logs to track all user activity taking place within the system.


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