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Elasticsearch - Popular enterprise search engine based on Lucene

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases. As the heart of the Elastic Stack, it centrally stores your data so you can discover the expected and uncover the unexpected.



Elasticsearch Is Fast. Really, Really Fast.

When you get answers instantly, your relationship with your data changes. You can afford to iterate and cover more ground.

Being this fast isn't easy. We've implemented inverted indices with finite state transducers for full-text querying, BKD trees for storing numeric and geo data, and a column store for analytics.

And since everything is indexed, you're never left with index envy. You can leverage and access all of your data at ludicrously awesome speeds.


Run It on Your Laptop. Or Hundreds of Servers with Petabytes of Data.

Go from prototype to production seamlessly; you talk to Elasticsearch running on a single node the same way you would in a 300-node cluster.

It scales horizontally to handle kajillions of events per second, while automatically managing how indices and queries are distributed across the cluster for oh-so smooth operations.


####Enjoy More Both-Hands-In-Air Celebration (Down with the Head-On-Desk Moments) ####

Simple things should be simple. We've made Elasticsearch easy to operate at any scale without compromising on power and performance.

  • Resilient, Highly Available - Hardware rebels. Networks partition. Elasticsearch detects failures to keep your cluster (and your data) safe and available.
  • Predictable, Reliable - Elasticsearch runs the way you'd expect it to. In fact, the only surprise should be how well it all works.
  • Simple, Transparent - Elasticsearch is not a black box. Intuitive APIs for monitoring and management give you complete visibility and control.


Interact with Elasticsearch in the Programming Language You Choose

Elasticsearch uses standard RESTful APIs and JSON. We also build and maintain clients in many languages such as Java, Python, .NET, and Groovy. Plus, our community has contributed many more. They're easy to work with, feel natural to use, and, just like Elasticsearch, don't limit what you might want to do with them.


Secure It. Monitor It.

Want a username and password for your cluster? Just install security. Want to know how Elasticsearch is performing? Add monitoring. It all ships with X-Pack. X-Pack easily installs to expand your use case and give you the full Elasticsearch experience with security, monitoring, alerting, reporting, and graph exploration.


Elasticsearch Plus Hadoop

Have massive data sitting in Hadoop? Put the real-time search and analytics features of Elasticsearch to work on your big data by using the Elasticsearch-Hadoop (ES-Hadoop) connector. It's the best of two worlds colliding.





Be Curious. Ask Your Data Questions of All Kinds.

Elasticsearch lets you perform and combine many types of searches - structured, unstructured, geo, metric - any way you want. Start simple with one question and see where it takes you.


Step Back and Understand the Bigger Picture.

It's one thing to find the 10 best documents to match your query. But how do you make sense of, say, a billion log lines? Elasticsearch aggregations let you zoom out to explore trends and patterns in your data.


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