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Microsoft Azure Pack: Private-Cloud-as-a-Service on CenturyLink Cloud   


Managed Private-Cloud-as-a-Service: Windows Azure Pack


Your employees need on-demand access to IT resources like virtual machines, web applications and databases so that they can solve business problems at cloud speed.

If you’ve evaluated Private Cloud solutions or have tried deploying your own, you know that there are significant challenges to building, managing, and maintaining Private Cloud environments, especially when striving to achieve feature parity with full-featured Public Clouds.

The Self-Service Control Portal allows you to manage the IT needs and resource consumption of your company's departments and teams. In addition, development teams can leverage Microsoft's public cloud APIs to automate frequent activities.

CenturyLink Cloud enables rapid software deployment and development by offering instant access to a Windows Server-based cloud service instance. Users can be up and running in seconds with a high performance VMs without worrying about maintaining and monitoring the underlying compute infrastructure.

Focus your resources on instant provisioning of your cloud environment.

  • Self Service based Rapid provisioning of private-cloud as a service instance. Provision any combination of CPU, RAM and storage. Empower your users with self-service access to SQL databases, Virtual Machines and Web Sites, all provisioned with the click of a button.
  • Administrators can customize, manage, allocate and even add additional services to support custom business needs.


  • Silver Support comes with a 4 hour SLA (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri; Pacific Time)
  • Gold Support comes with a 1 hour SLA and includes 24x7 coverage


Available in CenturyLink's CenturyLink Cloud VA1 (US East) or GB3 (Great Britain) data centers:

  • Self-provisioning with Tenant Portal
  • Rapid provisioning of a Private-Cloud-as-a-Service instance
  • Provision IaaS VMs
  • Provision workloads of your choice
  • Flexible provisioning options based on your unique needs to customize offerings: Provision any combination of CPU, RAM and storage
  • Default High Availability with Storage
  • Quickly scale CPU, RAM and storage through automation


Windows Azure Pack (WAP) is a free open source offering from Microsoft, while Windows OS licensing comes included with the Bare Metal servers. Support plan required.


Plan SLA Response Time Preis
Silver Support 4 hours SLA (9am-5pm; Mon-Fri; Pacific Time) 1.000 USD/month
Gold Support 1 hour SLA (24x7) 3.000 USD/month


Bare Metal Server CPU RAM Storage Preis
2 SMALL 4 16GB 2TB HDD 561 USD/server/month
2 MEDIUM 12 64GB 8TB HDD 1.036 USD/server/month
2 LARGE 20 128GB 12TB HDD 1.835 USD/server/month


Support for your software purchased via the Marketplace is rendered by the individual Software Provider. The CenturyLink Customer Care Team is unable to provide support for your software. However, if you are experiencing issues with the infrastructure that hosts your software, please open a ticket with help@ctl.io. Below you can find the contact information for support of this software.

Email: support@terawe.com
Web: https://www.terawe.com/support/
Phone: +1 (425) 867 5130

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Terawe Corporation


Developer Tools , Middleware , Open Source

deployment models

  • Runner/Ansible

operating systems

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2