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Server General KMS for MySQL FREE   

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Server General KMS for MySQL FREE will store 1 encryption key at _no cost_

Server General KMS for MySQL FREE is a key management service for customers who want to encrypt their data stored in their InnoDB tables using the embedded encryption functionality of their MySQL server but do not want to build or manage a complicated, expensive and time consuming in-house key management system. This FREE service will allow you to test the functionality and you can always upgrade your service to a paid subscription if you are looking to comply with the HIPAA/HITECH Act or PCI DSS mandates. Your MySQL server can be hosted on any cloud platform or within your own data center. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to install and configure our service. The service is geared towards small to medium-sized businesses who want to cut their data security and regulatory compliance costs.


Fully Managed Service

Organizations try hard to comply with regulations and industry mandates but the effort necessary often exceeds the capability of small IT groups. Server General KMS for MySQL FREE being a service allows such organizations to focus on their business while we help them manage their MySQL master encryption key in a compliant manner. It generally takes less than 30 minutes to install and configure our service.

Works With All Cloud Platforms

Server General KMS for MySQL FREE is certified to work with MySQL database server (Community and Enterprise) deployed on any cloud platform - CenturyLink, Google, Rackspace, AWS, Azure or within your own data center.

Zero Cost

Unlike other vendors whose key management solutions can easily cost you thousands of dollars we see ourselves as a no-frills service provider. You can start with this FREE service and then switch to paid service for as little as 199 USD/month/server if you need to comply with HIPAA/HITECH Act or PCI DSS mandates.


All privileged operations related to Server General are logged at four different locations in order to provide non-repudiation. The MySQL master encryption key is not stored on your server but in a key locker. It's important to point out that we only store the encrypted value of your encryption key in our key lockers. This way our staff is unable to access the actual encryption key. At the same time if your server were to be compromised the key remains out of reach of an attacker as it is not stored on the server. When the key is needed to restart the MySQL service our agent fetches the encrypted value from our key locker and only the data owner is able to reconstitute the actual encryption key using a secret passphrase.

Key Generation

Server General KMS for MySQL FREE helps customers generate the MySQL Master Key (MMK). We also generate two additional encryption keys during the configuration process that are used by authorized entities to manage Server General KMS FREE installation. Our key generation procedure is designed to protect against loss, theft and compromise.

Key Length

We use the maximum key length possible – 256 bits.

Key Distribution

Our key management design forces secure distribution of the encryption keys during the initial configuration process.



  • Server General KMS for MySQL FREE: 0 USD/month/server
  • NOTE: Only 1 FREE Server General license per customer


No additional infrastructure required. Server General software is installed on existing servers.


You must use MySQL 5.7.12 or higher version since the MySQL encryption functionality is not available in earlier versions.


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