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Server General TDE FREE is a data-at-rest encryption solution for databases and file servers.

Server General TDE FREE is the free version of our flagship product offering by the same name. This free offering will help you to protect your sensitive information stored in one (1) data directory and will enable you to store one (1)encryption key in our global & managed key locker infrastructure. You can always upgrade to the "paid" version if you need to protect data stored in more than one (1) directory without reinstalling Server General TDE. Developed by encryption experts Server General TDE FREE is certified to work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB and a file server. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to install and configure Server General Agent on your server. Our solution is geared towards small-to-medium-sized businesses.


  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)FREE

    Server General TDE FREE is a data encryption service that enables customers to encrypt their data stored in one (1) directory. The encryption process does not alter the end-user’s experience. Server General TDE FREE uses the AES encryption algorithm to encrypt data. This is the same algorithm that is used by the U.S. Military to secure their own secrets. The service is designed to transparently encrypt each and every sensitive file with a unique and completely random key. The target server can be hosted on a public, private or hybrid cloud.
  • Based On Open-Source

    Server General TDE FREE uses eCryptFS, a standard utility available within the mainstream Linux kernel. Our CTO, Dr. Erez Zadok, wrote the encryption file system that is used by eCryptFS to encrypt data.
  • Battle Hardened Solution

    Server General TDE FREE is a battle-hardened data security solution. Some of the tier-1 merchants and many leading brands rely on Server General TDE (the paid version) to protect their critical data on a daily basis.
  • Low Overhead

    Low encryption overhead (typically less than 2%) that results in no material degradation in performance of a database server like MySQL (or any other application server).
  • Log Management

    Server General TDE Free comes bundled with a remote logging service which enables our customers to generate immutable audit trail. All privileged operations conducted by the Server General administrators are logged within and outside of the administrative domains of our customers.
  • It’s A Service

    Managing and securing customer and employee data is a growing concern of all Information Technology departments, especially when operating in the cloud. Organizations try hard to comply with regulations and industry mandates, but the effort necessary often exceeds the capability of small IT groups. Server General TDE FREE being a service allows such organizations to focus on their business while helping them to encrypt their data and manage their encryption keys in a compliant manner. It generally takes less than 30 minutes to install and configure our service.



  • Server General TDE FREE Agent (1 Repo) - 0,00 USD/Month
  • NOTE: Only 1 FREE Server General TDE license per Customer


No additional infrastructure required. Server General software is installed on existing servers.


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Contact the Server General technical support team at: support@servergeneral.com.

For general questions please contact us at: admin@servergeneral.com.

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