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Access experienced professionals to architect and optimize Hybrid IT environments.

CenturyLink Advanced Managed Services (AMS) provides highly experienced and credentialed professionals to offer deep technical support of CenturyLink services. AMS offers flexibility and control with the ability to tailor individual subscription needs with term options that match your immediate, ongoing and evolving requirements.

Factors such as the size or complexity of an environment, budget and delivery objectives can all impact project scope. That's why we designed AMS to be completely customizable to meet each Client's unique requirements. CenturyLink recommends a consultation with a CenturyLink Solutions Architect and/or Account Manager to assist in determining the best match of resource allocation and subscription level to deliver the most successful experience.


Experts at the Ready

  • Lifecycle, governance and program management from a Client Success Manager (CSM).
  • Technical governance and operational support from a Technical Account Manager (TAM).
  • Proactive technical consultation and system design from Client Technology Architects (CTAs).
  • Technical support and configuration by Technical Service Engineers (TSEs) from a wide range of disciplines.
  • Security consultation and governance support by a Security Account Manager (SAM).

Efficient Systems

  • 24/7 advanced service desk (Adaptive Desk) providing a higher level of knowledge to first-line support activities and problem resolution on an immediate basis.
  • Simplified work flow initiated by an online Work Request that mobilizes our team for a timely response from your designated resources.
  • Gain deep insights through ongoing metric and KPI trend analysis, or just review a point-in-time spot-check of your systems.

Broad Applications

  • May be used in conjunction with a wide variety of CenturyLink products and services, including Cloud Application Manager, CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMWare Cloud Foundation, CenturyLink Cloud, and CenturyLink hosting services.
  • Services may include Network and Application Penetration Testing, Firewall Analysis, Intrusion Prevention Service Advisory, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Analysis, Content Integrity Analysis, Anti-Virus Advisory Service, DDoS Analysis and more.


Contact your CenturyLink Account Team to discuss your specific business needs and tailor an Advanced Managed Services package to your budget and requirements.


Businesses on the Fast Track

Organizations experiencing rapid growth can often struggle to keep up with IT staffing needs, particularly hiring for mission-critical technical specialties and certifications. AMS provides a cost-effective and flexible option for growing businesses to consider. Whether you need to tackle Big Data concerns, Security and Threat Management, hands-on deployment activities or strategic IT initiatives, CenturyLink AMS can help you resolve staffing challenges by providing access to a highly-skilled on-demand workforce. Weitere Informationen

Enterprise IT Demands Specialized Expertise

Most enterprises – and rightly so – focus IT staffing on supporting their primary business initiatives: the work that creates a competitive differentiation in the marketplace and drives revenue. But there are numerous IT specialties that support the back office operations that every modern business increasingly relies on. From database administration to data analytics, and from threat mitigation to disaster recovery planning, our AMS teams offer specialized expertise and deep certifications in all the latest technologies. Weitere Informationen


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