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DDoS Mitigation Services   

A network based DDoS service for clients using internet access from CenturyLink or other ISPs.

CenturyLink DDoS Mitigation provides managed network-based Distributed Denial of Service ("DDoS") mitigation service with 24/7 response to DDoS attacks. The service is available for Customers who receive internet access services from either CenturyLink or from other ISPs. Because this is a network-based service, DDoS mitigation equipment is not required in the Customer's environment. CenturyLink is responsible for the installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support of the service.

CenturyLink DDoS mitigation service minimises the impact of attacks by providing protection at the core router level, and by re-routing potential DDoS attack traffic to one or more "cleansing" centres. Legitimate traffic continues uninterrupted, even during an attack.

The service is available on a global basis, CenturyLink DDoS cleansing centres are located in the US, UK, Germany and Japan.

The DDoS service makes use of network based infrastructure, so in many cases there is no additional hardware or software required within a client environment. For sites which require a particularly high level of protection, an optional appliance can be provided to work in conjunction with the network based element of the service.


  • The service minimises the impact of DDoS attacks on client infrastructure thereby improving availability of internet based services provided to external users.

  • Accessible from CenturyLink Data Centres, as well as third party Data Centres and client premises.

  • Multi-network DDoS mitigation, with flexible delivery models.

  • Network based service with option of an on-premise appliance for additional security.

  • Flexible commercial terms with DDoS mitigation services utilising an “insurance policy” like pricing policy.


  • DDoS Mitigation is an ideal solution for financial, e-commerce and other organisations which have a customer focused or high profile web presence.

  • The service will most likely to appeal to clients already hosting with CenturyLink. However, the service can be deployed to protect environments located on customer premises, or in third party Data Centres with the use of an appliance deployed onsite.


CenturyLink will begin mitigation 15 minutes from the customer’s verbal permission being granted.

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