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Dedicated Switching and Services   

Dedicated switches, providing clients with a dedicated HAN within a CenturyLink Data Centre.

CenturyLink Dedicated Switching and Services is a Managed Hosting product portfolio offering that provides (depending on the level of service) a highly available switch or pair of switches creating an exclusive Hosting Area Network (HAN) strictly dedicated to one customer.

In conjunction with Dedicated Switching and Services, CenturyLink offers separate Virtual Services which deliver server load balancing, SSL acceleration and Firewall.

The Dedicated Switching and Services offerings include hardware, software, installation and 24/7 monitoring and support. The service is viewable via SavvisStation, which is the web portal for CenturyLink Managed Services.

The dedicated HAN provides access to the internet as well as between customer servers and colocation space. There are multiple types of HAN-related networking services including:

  • Load Balancing and SSL Acceleration
  • HAN Ports
  • VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks)
  • HAN Connect
    • Internet Bandwidth


Two Dedicated Switch platforms are available as options:

  • Juniper EX-4200
  • Blade G8124

The Dedicated Aggregation Switch offering provides an aggregation (DAS) level pair of Cisco 6509 switches.
The Dedicated Core Switch offering consists of a pair of Cisco 6509 Switches at the Core level linked to the switches at the DAS layer.


  • Dedicated Switch / Dedicated HAN services are typically used by clients requiring ultra-low latency within a CenturyLink Data Centre.


99.9% availability for multiple nodes in a failover group.
98.5% availability for single node.

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