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Email Protection Services   

Four layers of network based email protection.

Email Protection Services consist of up to four components that can be utilised by clients:

  • E-mail Anti-Virus Protection (AV): AV is a fully managed service that can be switched on with minimal changes to a customer's configuration and no additional customer-side hardware or software. Once AV is activated, all inbound and outbound email is re-routed and scanned by scanners before being passed on to its final destination.

  • Anti-Spam (AS): AS identifies and blocks unsolicited commercial email. Clients can select the level and type of spam scanning and customise white and black lists.

  • Image Filtering (IF): IF uses neural network technology to accurately block offensive images.

  • Content Control (CC): Clients configure rule-based filtering to support their Acceptable Use Policy.

CenturyLink is responsible for the installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, and maintenance and support for these services.


  • Provides a network-based managed security service that filters and cleans e-mail prior to reaching your network.

  • Works to block inappropriate content from infiltrating your network.

  • Helps remove the burden of dealing with malicious emails at the end user level.

  • Can protect your employees from unwittingly launching dangerous malware into your company’s network

  • Content Control: Maintains rule-based filtering strategy


  • Ideal for clients wishing to add a layer of end point security to their IT resources.

  • Partnering with a leader in Managed Security Services allows clients to save IT resources that would otherwise be spent on ensuring systems and data are protected.


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