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End User Experience Monitoring   

Provides clients with valuable insight into how end-users experience their hosted applications.

The End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) service is designed to help clients understand web performance and to isolate and diagnose problems. Clients choose whether the service is managed by themselves or CenturyLink managed.
CenturyLink has engaged Dynatrace, the leader in web application experience management, to deliver a monitoring tool that complements our managed hosting solutions and provides clients with valuable insight into how end-users experience your applications.

The Synthetic Monitoring - Backbone service monitors website response time, availability and consistency of single page or multi-step transactions from up to 150 major cities and networks around the globe. Because performance testing originates outside the firewall, it gets clients one step closer to understanding their customers' experience by monitoring website performance across the Internet's main highways.

The Synthetic Monitoring - Last Mile service monitors performance from a network of over 150,000 end-user desktop computers located in 168 countries worldwide. The service measures the response time, availability and consistency of your company's multi-step transactions and Web pages from tens of thousands of consumer-grade desktops across different connection speeds, ISPs and geographies.


  • Flexibility: CenturyLink offers EUEM services that can meet an organisation’s unique requirements.

  • Robust: Measure application performance from over 150,000 real-world locations.

  • Expert Consultation and Installation.

^ Setup and design consultation for configuration application specific measurement, alerting thresholds and capacity planning.

  • Performance-Based SLA.


  • Ideal for clients running public facing websites, who require visibility of the performance of end users accessing their website.

  • The “last mile” service allows clients to assess how site changes, geographic location and bandwidth constraints affect the way customers experience your website.

  • Allows end user web experience to be tested in a new market in advance of service being launched in a new country.

  • Allows clients to identify potential issues before they become a problem for end users.


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