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Managed Disaster Recovery Service (MDRS)   

Powered by SafeHaven, MDRS protects your critical applications from unexpected unavailability.

The question is not if a disaster could happen, but how prepared you’ll be when one occurs. Our comprehensive Managed Disaster Recovery Services can help you alleviate business continuity concerns that starts with a “white-glove” deployment experience provides alignment of your configuration and DR strategy. Unlike other DRaaS solutions, our dedicated engineering team manages all failover services and conducts regular testing, audits, and runbook development to ensure reliability and accuracy. Powered by CenturyLink SafeHaven, our Managed Disaster Recovery Services protects your critical applications from unexpected unavailability.


Configuration and Replication

  • Recovery servers configuration
  • Protection group creation and configuration
  • Replication configuration
  • Monitoring system deployment

Implementation and Deployment

  • SafeHaven Replication Node and CMS deployment in primary and recovery sites to protect data
  • SafeHaven Local Replication Agents for rapid recovery
  • Initial seeding, acceptance testing, and post-deployment debriefing

Administration and Testing

  • Semi-annual bubble test failover
  • Quarterly audits
  • Optimization including re-balancing of disks
  • At-time-of-disaster services and reporting

Maintenance and Monitoring

  • 24x7 SafeHaven patch updates
  • 24x7 monitoring for system updates
  • Replication monitoring
  • License maintenance



Outages, hardware failures, and natural disasters will happen. A plan tailored to your environment mitigates the impact of disruptive incidents and allows your business to continue delivering products and services. Not having a strategy puts an organization at enormous risk. Our MDRS can implement a plan to address your unique business needs.

Reduced Downtime

Perhaps you have a business continuity plan, but it has never been tested. When outages occur, the test is how quickly you can recover to meet your RTO and RPO, ensure business continuity, maintain brand integrity, and keep your revenue stream flowing.

Failover Services

CenturyLink's MDRS team orchestrates and automates the failover process in case of a production node failure. Protection groups specify the VMs included in the failover to the target DR site in the CenturyLink Cloud. Once the outage or disruption is corrected, failback automatically re-synchronizes data at the DR site back to its original, working state at the primary location.

Regular DR Solution Testing

Establishing a solid DR plan is just the first step. Testing your plan is essential to ensure that it works. CenturyLink MDRS delivers quarterly audits and a semi-annual test failover, a bubble test in which managed recovery servers and corresponding primary servers are isolated. Environment recovery scenarios take place without interruption to primary server workloads.


The SLA for CenturyLink Managed Disaster Recovery Services is composed of uptime SLAs and recovery time objectives for servers protected by MDRS, the process for requesting service credit, limitations of the agreement and definitions of specific terms in the agreement.


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