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Managed Firewall Service   

Managed Firewall service deployed in a CenturyLink Data Centre.

CenturyLink is a recognised leader in managed security services. We offer a broad portfolio of effective, industry-leading managed firewall services, from virtual to dedicated firewall platforms. With experience gained from installing and managing thousands of firewalls, CenturyLink provides proactive security services supported by certified security professionals stationed around the world to deliver operational protection every minute of every day.

Managed Firewall IDC is a Managed Hosting service available in CenturyLink Data Centres. CenturyLink provides the design / installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support for the service.

Clients have the option of bundling Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) into the solution. Where this is provided, CenturyLink will deliver Incident Response as part of the service, with the CenturyLink Service Centre performing an analysis of any detected events.

In addition to IPS, clients can choose to add the following services:

  • Site-to-Site VPN or Client VPN.
  • Virtual Firewall Option.
  • On-site spares.
  • Firewall Failover Solution.
  • Upgraded Ethernet connectivity.


  • A range of appliances are supported, with options to include Intrusion Prevention Services where required.

  • A collaborative approach to developing firewall security policies based on a thorough review of client’s security requirements.

  • Access to logs, policies and performance statistics available 24/7 via a secure CenturyLink web portal.


  • Firewalls have long been considered the primary defence against cyber intrusion.

  • An effective firewall policy allows daily internet based business to continue, whilst keeping intruders out.

  • Partnering with a leader in Managed Security Services allows clients to save IT resources that would otherwise be spent on ensuring systems and data are protected.


Service outages will be treated as a P1 (urgent) priority by the CenturyLink Incident Management team.

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