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Managed Server Advanced Patching Solution   

A service for clients that have custom patching requirements.

Managed Server Advanced Patching Solution is a patch management service that consists of the planning and management of the server operating system patch process. The service is for clients that have custom patching requirements that differ from the standard patching offered by CenturyLink.

The Service is available to clients that purchase CenturyLink Managed Server: Intelligent Hosting or Dedicated Cloud Compute.

As part of the service, CenturyLink will meet with the client and complete a document that governs the process and contains the information in the maintenance plan.

Clients can choose monthly or quarterly patching and the policy level. Policies (i.e. cycle, patch prioritisation) can be applied at an environment, group or individual server level.


  • Specific patching requirements are agreed between the client and CenturyLink and documented in a Maintenance Plan.

  • Clients can choose between monthly and quarterly patching.

  • CenturyLink will work with the client to agree the level of testing required, and the testing tools to be utilised, prior to applying patches.


  • Ideal for clients requiring bespoke approach to server patching.

  • Allows clients to meet specific security and compliance requirements.


Custom SLA based on Statement of Work.

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Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States