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Managed Server: Foundation Hosting   

Dedicated Servers hosted in CenturyLink Data Centres.

Foundation Hosting consists of the installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support of dedicated, physical servers hosted in CenturyLink Data Centres. CenturyLink provides dedicated physical computing hardware with different options in terms of CPU, hard disk drive, and RAM. CenturyLink also provides a single (redundant available upon request) physical Ethernet connectivity to the Data Centre Hosting Area Network.


  • Flexibility to “pay as you grow” in a secure, dedicated environment.

  • Expert staff to support and consult.

  • Detailed reports available CenturyLink portal on both event and operational data.

  • Multiple access methods include the Internet, private network and VLAN.


  • For clients requiring a dedicated hosting solution that removes the burden of procuring, managing and maintaining complex environments.

  • Typically used to host applications that are better suited to physical servers, rather than virtualized estates.


  • 99.9% availability for multiple nodes in a failover group.
  • 98.5% availability for single node.

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