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Managed Server: Intelligent Hosting   

A managed physical server and associated operating system, hosted in a CenturyLink Data Centre.

Managed Server Intelligent Hosting consists of the licensing, installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support for server hardware and associated Operating System, hosted in a CenturyLink Data Centre.

The dedicated physical computing hardware consists of various options for CPU processor, hard disk drive, and RAM memory values, selected by the client. The service includes RAID 1 disk array (locally) and pre-set up disk drives and space. Custom configurations can be available upon request.

CenturyLink support for operating system software typically covers:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Oracle/Sun Solaris

CenturyLink provides a hardened OS image that includes Anti-Virus software. CenturyLink support for OS software will be extended as long as the OS software vendor continues to provide support.

CenturyLink also provides physical Ethernet connectivity to the Hosting Area Network within the Data Centre.


  • Flexibility to “pay as you grow” in a secure, dedicated environment.

  • Expert staff to support and consult, covering both the operating system and underlying server hardware.

  • Detailed reports available CenturyLink portal on both event and operational data.

  • Multiple access methods include the Internet, private network and VLAN.


  • For clients requiring a dedicated hosting solution that removes the burden of procuring, managing and maintaining complex environments.

  • Used by clients who wish to outsource the procurement and management of the operating system, as well as the underlying server hardware.

  • Typically used to host applications that are better suited to physical servers, rather than virtualized estates.


  • 99.9% availability for multiple nodes in a failover group.
  • 98.5% availability for single node.

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