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Network Exchange   

Enable Hybrid IT solutions by deploying a secure, private network.

Network Exchange provides a secure, high-speed, 1Gbps and 10Gbps, redundant, private layer 3 network for connecting multiple endpoints within the data center. Network Exchange simplifies and accelerates the process of joining diverse network domains. Includes ease of setup and management of multi-point exchanges via the CenturyLink Hybrid IT Delivery Platform and UI, coupled with CenturyLink's automation and pre-deployed network infrastructure.


Self-Service and Automated

  • CenturyLink customers can easily provision, modify and delete instances of Network Exchange.
  • Customers can self-test instances of Network Exchange without opening a service ticket.
  • Customers can monitor usage by endpoint from within Network Exchange.
  • Network Exchange is 100% automated with Add, Change and Delete actions completed in minutes.

An End-to-End Solution

  • One-step connectivity to CenturyLink Cloud.
  • Network Exchange and its underlying network, equipment and systems are 100% CenturyLink owned and operated

Secure, Advanced Technology

  • Each instance is logically isolated from other instances, between customers and between multiple instances for a given customer.
  • Built on nano-second technology that scales to 100Gb/s and beyond, leveraging CenturyLink’s extensive global fiber optic network.
  • All virtual circuits are built and deleted via a software front-end using RESTful based API communication.



Network Exchange Agreements