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Einfacher Backup-Service   

Backup data and apps on any internet-connected server with customized secure file storage.

For any server connected to the internet, Simple Backup Service offers the ultimate in reliability and convenience. Just point-and-click to create backup policies that meet your requirements, then apply them to servers in the CenturyLink Cloud. Simple Backup Service supports VSS snapshots on Windows servers to ensure safe backup of open files.

From there, Simple Backup Service does the rest for you - data is automatically backed up in secure object storage and retained according to the policy. What's more, you can access Reports from the Control Portal or the Public APIs that provide details about backup and restore activity.

Monitoring feature keeps you informed of backup status with email alert notifications. Restores are simple too - just click on a "point-in-time" backup event, and the data will be automatically restored within minutes.


  • Self-Service & API Accessible from Any Internet-Connected Server
  • Maßgeschneiderte Aufbewahrungsrichtlinien erstellen und anwenden
  • Pay as You Go, Only for What You Use
  • Globale Verfügbarkeit
  • Support for VSS & Open File Backups
  • Monitoring & Reporting


Data Protection for Servers Anywhere

Data loss can result from numerous threats and it’s only a matter of time before it happens. The key is to be prepared. Simple Backup Service can protect your data — on any internet-connected server — and provide peace of mind. Weitere Informationen

Data Location

Storage location is also important when it comes to backups, whether it’s due to data sovereignty laws, geo-redundancy needs, or speed of backups. Combined with CenturyLink Cloud’s global footprint, Simple Backup Service provides the flexibility to meet your data location requirements. Weitere Informationen

Kurz- und langfristiger Datenerhalt

Data type and compliance considerations often dictate retention requirements. With Simple Backup Service, extensive configurability allows you to keep your data for as long or as short a duration you specify. Weitere Informationen


A scalable and affordable backup solution is a must for any business focusing on growth. Simple Backup Service offers advanced API integration at a competitive price, and the solution offers easy ways to minimize restore costs using selective file restore, so your business can maximize its budget. Weitere Informationen