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Threat Management Service   

Vulnerability scanning of internal servers alongside CenturyLink NIDS or IPS services.

Threat Management is a service that combines internal vulnerability scanning of client servers with correlation of real-time events detected by CenturyLink Managed Network Intrusion Detection Service (NIDS) or Managed Firewall Service with IPS.

The service is available in CenturyLink’s Colocation and Managed Hosting facilities, or on a customer premise.

The standard features of the service consist of installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support of a CenturyLink-provided Vulnerability Scanning Appliance.

CenturyLink provides a dedicated appliance with each instance of the service. The number of scanning appliances required is dependent upon the number of devices to be scanned, the client's network architecture, and the client's security policy.

Each instance of the service will include the ability to scan a block of 10 IP addresses.

The following additional services are available:

  • Expansion Packs: Expansion Packs are available in blocks of 10. These enable CenturyLink equipment to scan additional IP addresses.
  • Additional Ports and VLANs: For CenturyLink Managed Hosting environments.


  • Operates in the background, having a low operational impact.

  • Helps teams pinpoint attack vectors and easily evaluate the impact on any incident to an environment.

  • Empowers teams to locate and shore up weak spots to prevent future attacks.

  • Simplifies reporting to stakeholders with graphical dashboards featuring key trending metrics and historical insights.


  • Ideal for clients who need to be aware of emerging vulnerabilities and understand the impact of any exposure.

  • Allows clients to protect critical IT assets and safeguard sensitive information.

  • Partnering with a leader in Managed Security Services allows clients to save IT resources that would otherwise be spent on ensuring systems and data are protected.


CenturyLink will review critical alerts within 15 minutes, and will attempt to notify the client within 60 minutes.

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