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Vereinheitlichtes Storage   

Enterprise-grade SAN and NAS storage backed by availability guarantees across tiers of service.

Unified Storage provides enterprise-grade storage without the need for dedicated hardware. The service is a multi-tenant block and network attached storage product that provides block storage via a Fibre Channel interface and file sharing services via NFS and CIFS.

The service can be self-managed if added to a CenturyLink Colocation environment or CenturyLink managed in a Managed Hosting environment.

Unified Storage protects a client's business while providing the flexibility to enjoy the benefits of cloud economics for storage infrastructures. Unified Storage is a fully managed 24/7 solution that uses snapshots and replication features to protect against primary data loss.

Unified Storage delivers pay as you grow sizing, scalability from gigabytes to terabytes, guaranteed performance, and snapshot and replication options.

The service includes:

  • Choice of storage type (Block and File)
  • 3 levels of performance: (Velocity 15,000 IOPS availability, Vital, 5,000 IOPS availability, Value (500 IOPS availability)


  • Enterprise-grade storage without the need for dedicated hardware.
  • Quick provisioning for SAN or NAS protocols.
  • SLA performance guarantees across tiers of service.
  • Pay as you grow model for storage consumption
  • Scalable: gigabyte to terabyte
  • Snapshot and Replication options
  • 24/7 support
  • Shared or dedicated options
  • Management portal provisioning


  • Ideal for organisations looking for a way to control the explosion of data and associated storage costs, while maintaining availability for broad organisational demand.

  • Allows clients to maintain agility, control and access whilst also considering security, power, compliance, and return on investment (ROI) for storage infrastructure.


99.99% availability.

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Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States