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Virtual Firewall Service   

Virtualised, high availability firewall device residing in a CenturyLink Data Centre.

CenturyLink is a recognised leader in managed security services. We offer a broad portfolio of effective, industry-leading managed firewall services, from virtual to dedicated firewall platforms. With experience gained from installing and managing thousands of firewalls, CenturyLink provides proactive security services supported by certified security professionals stationed around the world to deliver operational protection every minute of every day.

CenturyLink’s Virtual Services Firewall leverages Cisco’s® leading ACE (Application Control Engine) technology to provide load balancing and firewall protection to an organisation, in a single, virtualised delivery platform.

The service provides a single instance of a virtualised, high availability firewall device residing in a CenturyLink Data Centre. Standard features of the service include installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support.

The service supports a range of Performance Tiers from 10Mbps to 200Mbps.

Clients can choose also choose from the following additional services, which incur an additional cost:

  • IPSec Access.
  • Remote Client VPN to Hosted Area Network (“HAN”) Functionality.
  • Additional Ports and VLANs.


  • Ease of Implementation: CenturyLink manages the complete solution, from installation, to configuration, to ongoing management.

  • Leading Technology: CenturyLink utilises established, Cisco-based technology to deliver protection for organisations.

  • Expertise: CenturyLink leverages the expertise of employees with deep experience in supporting firewalls and load balancing services.

  • Monitoring on a 24/7 Basis: CenturyLink has skilled resources to react quickly to security problems at any time, day or night.


  • Partnering with a leader in Managed Security Services allows clients to save IT resources that would otherwise be spent on ensuring systems and data are protected, as well as determining the optimum mix of physical and virtual firewalls.

  • Firewalls have long been considered the primary defence against cyber intrusion.

  • An effective firewall policy allows daily internet based business to continue, whilst keeping intruders out.


  • CenturyLink opens a service request and begins work on an issue within 15 minutes of problem detection or a call from the client.
  • CenturyLink updates clients every 2 hours via the clients' preferred method.

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