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Web Application Firewall   

Provides protection against attack for SaaS-enabled applications.

CenturyLink’s Web Application Firewall Service leverages Imperva’s© leading SecureSphere© technology to provide reliable and affordable Web application protection to your organisation.

Specifically, the service can help an organisation to cost-effectively protect its sensitive financial, human resources and customer credit card data from application-based attacks by:

  • Accurately detecting and blocking malicious web requests to prevent data compromise — the service combines a dynamic white list policy model with up-to-date application signatures, session tracking and correlation rules for precise attack detection.
  • Automatically learning the structure, elements, and expected usage of protected applications through Imperva’s Dynamic Profiling technology.
  • Monitoring of application activity and notification when potential attack activity is detected. Imperva's Correlated Attack Validation technology can correlate violations across security layers and over time to accurately identify the most complex attacks.
  • Preventing potential data leakage — SecureSphere can inspect outbound traffic to identify possible leaks of sensitive data such as cardholder data and social security numbers.


  • Protection against potential compromises of sensitive data: Web Application Firewall services can protect an organisation against a wide range of commonly-seen and zero-day application-based attacks.

  • Leading Technology: CenturyLink utilises established, Imperva-based technology to deliver an organisation’s protection.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: No capital outlay is required, since all hardware and maintenance costs are bundled into an affordable, all-inclusive monthly charge.

  • Implementation: CenturyLink manages the complete solution, from installation and configuration, to ongoing management and routine code updates.

  • Monitoring: CenturyLink has skilled resources to detect and react quickly to your security issues — round the clock.


  • Designed to defend against application-based attacks, which now include buffer overflow, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, improper input validation and session mismanagement.

  • Helps protect data ports that are typically unprotected by traditional perimeter firewalls.

  • Provides a tool to help organisations running SaaS enabled applications to adhere to compliance requirements.


Service outages will be treated as a P1 (urgent) priority by the CenturyLink Incident Management team.

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