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Web Security Services   

Protection against viruses and spyware alongside content filtering of network traffic.

Web Security Services provide protection against viruses and spyware, as well as providing URL and content filtering of network traffic. The Services are provided on a per User basis.

The Service is cloud-based and can be delivered with minimal changes to the client's system configuration and require no additional client-side hardware or software. Web Security Services is a fully managed, offering. The service comprises installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, maintenance and support.

The service consists of two components:

  • Web Protection: External HTTP and FTP-over-HTTP requests including all attachments, macros or executables are directed through the service, which will scan the first 50Mb of each file transfer for viruses and Spyware. Outbound communications passing through the proxy will be examined to determine if it represents Spyware communication. Where this is identified it will be blocked.

  • Network-Based URL Filtering: External HTTP and FTP-over-HTTP requests are directed through the service. Clients can implement policies based on URL categories, content types and file types. The service allows recreational access at different times during the day and creation of multiple policies. Customer has access to activity reporting and can customize alert pages.


  • Provides a network-based managed security service that filters and cleans e-mail prior to reaching your network.

  • Works to block inappropriate content and prevent e-mail worms and spear-phishing attacks from infiltrating your network.

  • Helps remove the burden of dealing with malicious emails at the end user level.

  • Can protect your employees from unwittingly launching dangerous malware into your company’s network.

  • Content Control: Maintains rule-based filtering strategy.


  • Ideal for clients wishing to add a layer of end point security to their IT resources.

  • Partnering with a leader in Managed Security Services allows clients to save IT resources that would otherwise be spent on ensuring systems and data are protected.


100% service availability in any given calendar month.

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